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With 40 years of experience in industry and instrument & controls, Mr. Sam Price has built a reputation of demanding excellence from his crews and delivering top-quality work.

"Most vendors can't make the cut..." Mr. Sam explains in detail how JM Test Systems has made his life easier.

"JM Test Systems is reliable, flexible, and their staff will do anything to help me get my job done. That's why they've received all of my test equipment business since 2009."


Read the full case study featuring Sam Price, president of SEI Tech.


product availability

JM Test Systems makes test equipment easy by filling your orders immediately, and most important, getting you equipment when you need it... and it's guaranteed to work.

   » Industry's largest inventory

   » Here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

   » delivery is never a problem

   » All equipment is sent out with current calibration


The importance of product availability is easy to understand: you are under strict deadlines, and we are here to solve your problems.


Vendor reliability


   » All test equipment is recently tested, calibrated and certified by our in-house ISO/IEC 17025
    A2LA lab.. every time it goes out. Most vendors only certify their test equipment once per year.

   » Copies of certification paperwork are readily accessible at any time.


   » With over 30 years in business and 184 plus years of practical technical and application
   experience from key personnel, not only will we get your orders right, but we have engineers
   on staff to high-level support if you need it.

   » We are easy to communicate with and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help
    with any issues that may rise.



knowledge and experience


   » 30 plus years in business

   » 300 employees

   » 30 dedicated personnel to maintain customer accounts

   » 4 distribution points nationwide

   » Distribution agreements with over 40 major manufacturers

   » 10,000+ customers served worldwide,

Does JM Test Systems do a good job of supporting our customers? We still have our very first client from over 30 years ago.

easy to work with

Here are just some of they ways we make your job easier:

   » Flexibility working with customers through the process of closing out your project.

   » Same or next day delivery for most orders, also offer the option of manually transporting them
   for you.

   » Long-term pricing programs save you money on long term projects.

   » Rent-to-own options and flexible terms.

   » Copies of certification paperwork are kept on hand and digitally available just in case you
   ever need it.

From the beginning of your project all the way through close-out, we understand your business.


highest level of quality


JM test Systems is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. Working with us eliminates the need to verify your calibration credentials to be audited.

   » Our accredited calibration plans ensure your instruments maintain traceability and
   meet even the toughest regulatory compliance standards needed in any industry.

   » JM Test Systems' equipment is calibrated every time it ships out, not just annually.


For more information regarding our instrumentation, electronic or electrical test equipment, please contact us at 800-353-3411, email us at rentalrfq@jmtestequipmentrental.com or visit our main web site at jmtest.com.

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