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Rental Overview - Rent, Lease or Rent to Own

Rent it today; use it tomorrow!

Every instrument you rent, lease or rent to own from JM Test Systems is certified in our A2LA 17025 accredited calibration lab.

Instruments are provided with:

  • ISO/IEC 17025 1 year of calibration certificate
  • Calibration papers with before and after data
  • Necessary accessories for operating equipment
  • Freshly calibrated with current data for 1 year
  • Digital calibration certs sent at start of rental term
  • All of this at no additional cost

All this at NO additional cost! Rent it today; use it tomorrow!

Rent daily, weekly or monthly!

Fluke 754 multifunction calibrator         Crystal IS33 dual pressure calibrator         Fluke 376 clamp on meter         Hart 475 communicator
Phenix BK130 aerial lift tester         Doble F6150 3 phase relay test set         Fluke TI-25 thermal imager

Renting makes sense!

  • Saves Capital
  • Don't tie up money with expensive instruments you only use occasionally.
  • Expand or contract your "tool" inventory based on current work load.
  • Take Advantage of the Latest Technology Available
  • Better performance and accuracy
  • Better efficiency on the job
  • Expand Your Capabilities
  • Rental test equipment increases your potential market and business opportunities.
  • Tax and Management Benefits
  • Payments can be expensed immediately.

Lease or Rent to Own!

Click here to see the many manufacturers' equipment we rent, or use our online search to find the equipment you wish to rent, lease or rent to own from JM Test Systems..

For more information regarding our rental test equipment, please contact us at 800-353-3411, email us at rentalrfq@jmtestequipmentrental.com or visit our main web site at jmtest.com.

Rent Your Instrumentation, Electrical and Electronic Test Equipment From JM Test Systems

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