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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the equipment come calibrated?
A: Absolutely. All equipment is shipped with fresh 1 year calibration certificates with before and after data.

Q: How long is the month/week or daily?
A: Daily rentals are available on selected items. 1 week equals seven days and one month equals 28 days.

Q: Does my rental period start when I get it or when you ship it?
A: Yes. The rental period starts when the unit is shipped out from our facility. However, you can take advantage of our early bird return which will allow you to off rent a piece via email or phone call and save up to 5 days. Click here to view.

Q: When does my rental period end?
A: Rental period ends when the unit is received back at a JM Test facility or customers emails in for off rent.

Q: What happens if it runs longer than the time I had originally thought it would?
A: If your one week job turns into a month or longer we only bill for the first week then pro rate the rest of the month. This allows some flexibility with our customers and makes it so they never pay more than a month.

Q: Is there a discount on larger quantity rentals?
A: Absolutely. If you have a large volume of equipment or a job that will last a lengthy time period then we will work with your company to present rental prices that are advantagous to both parties involved.

Q: What if I need something next day?
A: NO Problem. We understand having to mobilize for a job at the last minute and needing equipment no matter what time of day or night it is. This is why we have multiple drivers that work directly for JM Test Systems as well as local and national hot shot companies.

For more information regarding our rental test equipment, please contact us at 800-353-3411, email us at rentalrfq@jmtestequipmentrental.com or visit our main web site at jmtest.com.

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